These all "Feedback" are from our Original Customers! If requested Any following customer's "Phone" or "eMail" can be provided with full address, before you order with us.



Shashikant Sanghani - Nairobi, Kenya

"The PipeBandUniform Company has provided uniform for our Pipe Band, We are very Pleased and Quality of the products is ExcellentThey kept us updated on the order during process and provided their best and Quick Services and even rushed order (on request) in a short period. We would love to Recommend "PBU Store" to the all Pipe Bands we know, And we do wish to use their services in the future as well. A+++++"

Pipe Band - Nairobi, Kenya



Susan Tyler Murphy - East Sussex, UK

"Thank you so much for the beautiful Waistcoat. It arrived earlier today. It is a Perfect Fit and will look very smart with my kilt. I can't wait to wear it on my next band tour. Your service is Wonderful. Please pass my sincere thanks to your team. I will recommend you to all my Pipe Band friends. I have a friend who requires a new doublet. I will pass your details onto him. Thanks again - you have been Brilliant! Very best wishes, Suzy."



Mandy Tidey Brewerton - East Sussex, England

"Thank you for the items. They have arrived today and, once again, the work is Excellent. Rob is so pleased with them. We will, of course, recommend you to our friends who sih to have items made as your work is the Best we have seen and Good Value also. Mandy xx"



Michael Murphy - Carrigaline, Ireland

"Hi ya .the sporrans have arrived today .thanks so much for them .they look Great and all arrived ok .I hope to be in touch with you soon as we are looking for more parts of the uniform .I hope to get more work for you from other bands if you want .thanks again my friend .chat soon again I hope .mike"



Joseph Placzek - Pennsylvania, USA

"Got everything already just about an hour ago. I am Amazed at the quality of the uniforms!! They are Excellent could not of asked for anything better!! Thanks"

Brian McCue - Ontario, Canada

 "The package arrived successfully but my emails haven't been getting through to you it seems. Everything is Great - quality is Very Acceptable. Thanks very much for putting this order together. "

St. Andrew's College



Frank MacLallen - Falköping, Sweden

"Thank you so much for the Beautiful Prince Charlie Jacket and Waistcoat. It is a Perfect fit and will look very smart with my kilt and trews. The Sporran, Balmoral was of Good QualittyI can't wait to wear it on my next bagpipe tour. Your service is Wonderful. Please pass my sincere thanks to your team. I will recommend you to all my pipe band friends. Thanks again - you have been Brilliant! Very best wishes, Cpt Frank."

The Pipes and Drums of the 2nd Helicopter



David Ricklis - Maryland, USA

"I have had the Pleasure to work with Pipebanduniform Company for the design of cap badges for our band and a baldric for me. I was Pleased with the workmanship and value of both items as well as the Dependability of the company. Even when there was a problem with a product, they made it right at their expense. My experience was Excellent customer service."

MacMILLAN Pipe Band

Mr. Mark Perry - Williamsburg, USA

"From the moment I first inquired about getting a mace made, the staff at pipebanduniform was Extremely helpful and responsive.  I worked with Zedd, who kept me updated on the progress of the mace and sashes that I ordered.  This was a very Demanding order in a short amount of time.  Pipebanduniform got it done with flying colors. They use DHL, and it was very easy for me the track the shipment.  On top of everything else, the price was Unmatched.  Fantastic all around.  I highly Recommend pipebandunform and plan on Working with them in the future.  A+++++++"

The Colonial Williamsburg Fifes and Drums Alumni

Mr. Dave Sherrid - Pennsylvania, USA

"Our band bought a new baldric from It was done Exactly as we had drawn it out and arrived in amazingly Short Period of time. All communication was Excellent and we hope to use their services Again soon."

Locheil Emerald Society Pipes and Drums

Mr. Eike Zeh - Diepenau, Germany

"I am very, very Impressed at Pipebanduniform Company work! They have done a Great Job and they made me an Excellent Doublet, which fits Excellent too! And it has a high Quality! Also the dress Sporran! I highly Recommend Pipebanduniform Company. A+++++"

The Essern Highlanders Pipe Band

Mr. Jim Milne - Scotland, UK

"Hi i recently purchsed a doublet from Pipebanduniform Company at a very Reasonable Price, the quality and detail is Fantastic i could not ask for better workmenship/womenship, it is a Plesaure wear, i have had Compliments on the Quality, i cant Recommend Pipebanduniform Company highly enough and look forward to Doing Business with them in the future"

Burntisland and District Pipe Band - Scotland

Len Eaton - Thornlands, Australia

"Shipment received from DHL today, service is Excellent and prices.  I am now happy to be a Customer.  Len"

Scott Magin - New York, USA

"Great work, we have the hats and thank you for your Help. Please let me know how we can handle the shipping charges"

Pascal Bierlaire - Belgique, Belgium

"Hello, I received the pipe banner. It is a very Beautiful Work. Congratulations. I am very Happy with your gesture of goodwill. I will not fail to remember for my Next Purchase. And also to make your Advertising"

The Blue Stone Pipes and Drums

Jack Pritchard - California, USA

"Pipebanduniform Company make some new shoulder boards for our units Officers , sent pictures of our old ones with mesurements and what came back were except copyies of what we had. Very Nicely done and in a Timely Fashion. I highly Recommend them. 1800's Royal Welch Fusiliers Officers Uniform shoulder boards
We are the Royal Welch Fusiliers in America a living history group that protray the British Armies 23rd Regiment The Royal Welch Fusiliers in the American Colonies 1773 to 1783 also Battle Reenactments. Family fun group, My unit that is part of the larger RWFA in RWFA 23rd Regiment of Foot, Captain Ferguson's Company here in California"

Royal Welch Fusiliers

Kyle Arnall - Miami, USA

"I am very Pleased with everything I ordered. Everything I ordered was Exactly as I wanted it. I definitely Recommend PBU to anyone looking for band or pipes/drums equipment"

The Chairmans Own Pipes and Drums.